Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Catching Up...

With some old friends from high school can be quite illuminating.  Brilliantly so.

Last night, I had the benefit of comparing the attention-seeking behavior of a certain person with someone I hadn't talked to since graduation.  We ended up in a discussion because of some rumors  that were told about me way back in the day.  Not really surprised... not after the crap I've put up with.  And the moodiness, and the excuses I told myself time and time again when I felt like I was being shit on and my feelings were being played like a goddamned instrument.

And I'm very happy to say, I wasn't wrong with my assessment of this particular person.  As-a-matter-of-fact, their personality hasn't changed since junior high... now, there is just a thin veneer of humility that they've slapped on.  When that rubs off... just say "hello" to the asshole.  I don't feel bad about giving someone another chance... what I feel horrible about is the fact that my gut instinct told me that there was NO WAY that someone could change THAT MUCH.  And for fuck's sake... was I right.

I finally get free of this toxic shit and guess what???  This person keeps popping up in small corners of my life.  The rants about not having relationships and whatever??  The inappropriate behavior and temper tantrums??  Keeping up the emotional merry-go-round and drama around every turn??  The inability to act like an adult and fuck off properly??

Sigh.  I can't see it happening.  Obsessive-compulsive people never. ever. stop.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

No More...

House-hunting.  After 10 weeks (give or take) of looking a houses, I'm very pleased to announce that we have finally found a fucking house!!!  And... we're officially under contract with a closing date on Monday, October 19th.  A lot quicker than what we had anticipated (November 11th) and I'm really happy that we didn't have to wait any longer.

So... let's get down to the nitty-gritty.  Some stats:

1.  Two car garage with an extra utility closet.
2.  Full laundry room with plenty of shelving, extra dowel rod to hang up clothing (as I hang most of my tee shirts to dry) with plenty of room for a couple of laundry baskets.  Very nice because it's not at the other end of the house.
3.  Four bedrooms (master bedroom for both of us, an office for me, an office for the hubs, and a spare room dedicated to guests).
4.  Two-and-a-half baths.  Master suite and full guest bath downstairs, and a half bath upstairs.
5.  Very large galley kitchen with a good-sized breakfast nook.
6.  Skylights!!  (No more to be said)
7.  Trey ceiling in the dining room.
8.  Vaulted ceilings in all rooms except for the master suite and the guest bedroom.
9.  Privacy fenced back yard with a HUGE deck for entertaining!!!  :D  I was seriously considering how I could rig up some carnie lights in the back... suggestions would be appreciated!!
10.  And... a Vivint security system - installed brand-new.  (After living in NOLA, that seems a bit preposterous, doesn't it??)
11.  Blocks away from the back bay and ocean access.  Not on the water... but I can smell it from the front yard!!!  YES!!

And it's picture time, everyone!!

From the living room... the area to the right goes to the dining room... and to the left, there are two bedrooms and a full guest bath.  This area will change after we get in.  We're looking at hardwoods for both the living room and the dining room and (of course) a fresh paint job.  

The dining room!!  The fixture will have to go (along with the paint and carpet), but I have faith that my hubs will be able to do it.  ;0))  If not, I can.  How zap-tacious could it be???  Last words.

Kitchen with a ton of room and vaulted ceilings.  All these appliances will be going and new floors will be installed.  I'm hoping for room in the budget to replace the counter tops, also.  Fingers crossed.

Master bedroom.  The walk-in-closet is off of the master bath.  

Master bath.  Deep garden tub with jets.  The window AC unit was left by the previous owners.  It's gone already, too.  Had them snatch it out because it's not necessary with central AC.  

The fireplace in the great room.  That wall has got to go into another color.  I don't like it all that much.  So, I'll take care of that little problem before we move in.

My office!!!  The window makes me so happy!!!  

Skylight over the tub??  Check!!  

Guest bedroom.  Very nice size, too.  :)

Husby's office (some might refer to it as a "man cave") - it's the bonus room above the garage (note:  The window unit and curtains were left by the seller - they have been removed already).  AND the upstairs troll-hole also comes with it's own...

Throne Room!!!  

The deck and yard.  

There are two things missing that were on my original "want" list... an in-ground swimming pool (I keep telling myself that it would be a fucking pain in my ass and that I will be missing nothing - lies!!) and a woodworking shed for the hubs.  Other than that, we ended up with a 2500SQF house (not including the double-car garage), vaulted ceilings, huge kitchen, and a soaking tub.  

I'll be moving before November 1st, methinks.  

Friday, August 28, 2015

Six Weeks of Bullshit. House Madness.

Well, I'm six weeks (plus) into the house hunt.  We've bid on two houses - the first house had too many problems (found during inspection), so we withdrew our bid.  Second house we bid on, the owner was an outright asshole and refused any concessions, so we basically told him to go fuck himself, and pulled the bid.

Back to square one.

Quite frankly, I'm tired.  The weather has been miserable and some of the houses that I'm looking at don't even have their air conditioning on (or any electricity for that matter... makes it really hard to figure out if I even want a house when I can't see it).  I'd like to have an in-ground pool, but those are few and far between - I don't want to deal with an above-ground pool as those are far more of a PITA (my opinion, of course).  Don't know why I'm even bothering to bitch about it, considering these are all first-world problems.

The house I'm living in is still a hot mess, considering I can't unpack everything (had to rifle through the garage to find some paperwork the other day) and I find that I just don't give a shit about much.  Don't get me wrong, I knew what I was signing on for when I agreed to this move... however, I just didn't realize that it would take SO LONG to find a house.  Also, I mistakenly thought that I would meet people and have friends to hang out with again (like I did in NOLA).

Speaking of NOLA, I think it's time to catch up with some people and make some plans.

In the middle of house-hunting, of course.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Let's Talk "Adventure"...

Shall we???

Someone once told me that I shouldn't feel upset about leaving a place that I loved... that I should look at moving to a new place as an "adventure".  Having moved around the world (literally) and knowing that when I move it's always a *new start*, I don't really look forward to moving.  Just the logistics are a pain-in-the-ass... not to mention a lack of friends and having absolutely no support system.

Let me tell you about my little "adventure" that started yesterday morning.  I took the hubs to the airport because he's going to be gone for a good part of this month (August).  On my way home, I decided to stop at the brand new Subway and pick up a turkey sub (added bacon, no lettuce, no mayo, just a lot of veg and light on the oil and vinegar).  I took the foot-long home and ate half, wrapping the other half up for later that evening.

About two hours later (around 3:00 PM or so), my stomach starts to feel crampy.  I bolt for the bathroom and blow chunks - all of the sandwich that I just ate.  ZOMG.  It's wretched.  And I keep vomiting.  I throw up until there's nothing left but bile.  And I keep throwing up.  I can't drive to the ER because I'm running a fever and can't stop dry-heaving and shaking.  My husband is not here and I realize that I don't know a fucking soul except for my real estate agent.  She's got three kids - I can't call her to drive me to the ER.  There's no cabs that run this late.  If I want to go to the ER, well... I'm going to have to call an ambulance.

So... I call the RN-Emergency nurse that comes with my health care provider.  She and I go through everything (with my dry-heaving every two minutes or so - really pleasant conversation!!) that I ate and what kind of food poisoning that I might have... and she introduced me to staphylococcus aureus.  Meat that is not left cold enough, or cross-contaminated with eggs or bad mayo.  Vomiting and symptoms last for 24 - 72 hours.  Yeah, it's a winner.  Luckily, after throwing up for well over 20 hours, I'm able to keep water and popsicles down - without throwing up (right now).  And I'm not done with it yet - I may have to still go to the hospital.  Luckily, my realtor is willing to take me late this afternoon if I keep barfing.

I want to say "thank you" to my friends who kept checking on me (the husband is working in a white noise environment and has had his cell phone locked up, so no calling him) and making sure that I was okay, even if they were hundreds of miles away.  Thanks to the nurse that I spoke with and the kind people at the Health Department.  Luckily, I'm in good health so I probably won't have to deal with this much longer - and fingers crossed that I won't have to go to the ER.

I also want to say a bright and lively "FUCK YOU" to the asshole* who wouldn't listen to me when I was trying to explain about having a SUPPORT SYSTEM after I moved.  That this is not so much an "adventure" as a lifestyle change and that I would be on my own (literally and figuratively).  If I had ended up with a different form of food poisoning, it could've been much, much worse.  And what makes me want to throw up (just on principle) is that there is not one person that I could've called to take care of my dog.  Take your "adventure" and shove it straight up your smug ass - because if you think this shit is fun, you're fucking delusional.

*Why don't I have any friends??  Why can't I keep them??  
How about shit like this???  And, no, I'm not going to apologize.
You know who you are.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

All. About. Moi. Updated "Bucket List".

Tomorrow, I turn 40.  At the end of last year and at the beginning of this one, I thought that things would be very different (as far as plans were concerned).  Some of my closest friends were going to come in and entertain me for my 40th.  One of those friends is seriously busy with her children's summer schedule - and the other person is a friend no more.  It's all right, though.  Husby has scheduled a bunch of things... so this has turned into "Juggsy Week".

On Sunday, we went and met with sea lions and swam with dolphins.  Best Backstage package EVER.  Worth ALL the money (with all photos - almost $600) and then some!!  A glimpse:

The boys were putting on a show for us!!  Hubs and I are on the back wall with all the trainers.  

After the whole day excursion, we were exhausted.  No cooking for us!!  As a treat, we stopped at Whataburger  on the way home.  I absolutely adore their patty melts (to die for) and the spicy ketchup is a must-try.  Afterwards, we came home, showered all the salt off, and then took a lazy nap together.  I would absolutely do this again.  There are some really cool things to see and do around here... I've just got to put them all together in one place.  After that, we can pick different things to do over the weekends.  

I know it's not NOLA.  But, with a few mental adjustments (and knowing that I can visit NOLA any time I want to), life here is pretty great.  It's laid back and comfortable here.  So, on the cusp of turning 40 in about an hour and a half, I crossed most stuff off that I had been wanting to do.  And... I updated my Bucket List quite a bit.  Now, it seems far more exotic, and a lot more expensive for me to do... so here goes:

Lieux à visiter avante de moirer
  • Urban exploration (otherwise known as UrbEx).  I'd love to see some of the creepier abandoned sanitariums and hospitals...  I read this site quite a bit and absorb the material like a sponge.  I absolutely love that they give you the history of the building(s) and have approximate dates as to when they were built all the way up to present day.
  • Nuclear tour of Chernobyl and the abandoned working town, Pripyat.  I can remember this happening when I was younger and simply could NOT understand the ramifications of nuclear power.  Therefore, when I read that the Ukrainians had opened the area up for assisted tours, I simply had to put this tour on my list.  Sure, Eastern European food isn't the best... but I'll live. Oh, the irony.
  • Taking a month to leisurely sail up the river all throughout France... in an all inclusive luxury small passenger liner... stopping in whatever village or town that looks interesting.  I think I would do it every summer until I had completed the entire Avalon experience.  They offer so many cruises, it would be really damned difficult to try and figure out what the first one would be...
  • Attend a friend's wedding in the spring.  I'd like to drive up and stop at weird attractions and stay in funky (not funky BAD, but funky GOOD) and fun places to stay.  Something like this or this or this (although I know that B. wouldn't even consider staying in an "ice hotel" - I'd like to do it at least once!!!  I'm still looking for fun, boutique hotels in each state, so I'd like to visit and travel around the US more often.  Maybe I'll get my "Geaux 'Merrica!!" patriotism back.  Somehow, I doubt this... but there's always room for improvement, right??

That's all for tonight.  I'm saying goodbye to my 30's and entering my 40's in about 8 minutes.  If my 40's are as good as my 30's were... I'm in for one wild fuck of a ride!!  x0x0

Monday, July 27, 2015

Haus Ein. Good Vibes Requested. :D

This house had made it to the top of the list.  Definitely there was some compromise between us (hubs thinks the yard is too small - then I remind him of New Orleans, you know the huge barn with the postage-stamp size lot??), but this house is on a just over a quarter acre with plenty of room.  This has a loft (yesssssss!!) which would be MY office area, master with vaulted ceilings and huge jacuzzi bath (contemporary design - loft and master suite are the only things upstairs), two full bedrooms with a guest bath, fireplace, dining room, large kitchen, HUGE laundry room and mud-room, two car garage with extra storage and workbench... plus, it's all landscaped and has an in-ground POOL.  ZOMG.

Take a peek!!

Très contemporary!!

A great room with a wood-burning fireplace and wet bar...

Front entry... to the right, 2 bedrooms and full bath.
To the left, the dining room, kitchen, mud room, and garage entry.
Stairs with master suite to the left, and the loft is overlooking the great room.

Kitchen with built-in wine fridge and breakfast bar...
So glad the fridge is going.  We have a black fridge that will match everything else.

Master bedroom with wood-burning fireplace and balcony overlooking the pool.

The pool!!  Has a bench that's jetted (also helps circulate the water).
I think it's the bees knees.  :0))

If we decide to go with this house, we'll paint, update (carpets coming out, hardwoods going in), and have everything deep-cleaned before we move in (probably a 30-day process).  The landscaping is excellent, we won't have to do much (there's also a screened-in porch overlooking the swimming pool, which has sliders that open all the way - sorry, not pictured).  Out of the 18+ houses I've personally looked at, this is the favorite.  

It would make one excellent 40th birthday gift... I can say this for certain.  x0x0

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Time. Hunting Down The Perfect...


I'm back to looking at houses.  Which means, yes, we'll be buying our THIRD fucking house.  And the budget I have (compared to the other two combined) is ginormous.  Seriously.  And I have time - which is a rich thing to have as a buyer.  I will have the ability to put in multiple bids AND eventually decide on what I would like.  The husband travels so much that this house will be mine, for the most part... so I've got to be comfortable in it while he's gone.  Choggie has aged and sometimes doesn't hear the knock on the door or the ringing of the bell.  :0((

Simple list....

  • House has to be over 1800 SQF.
  • House has to have a garage (single is good, double is better).
  • House has to have a minimum of three bedrooms, three + den, or three + family room.  Husby and I want our separate offices AND a guest room always prepared for people.  Yeah, Tito.  I know.  I'm fucking crazy and you'd "never risk it".  STFU.  And, yes.  I was "talking to you."  Want to prove something???  Send her down.  Go build something or take your own vacation.
  • House has to have a good kitchen - no exceptions.  Exceptions will be made if the house is below budget; therefore, making the renovations happen within the budget.
  • Skylights.  They are big-huge-awesome here.  I'd love to have more than the two in each bath.
  • Screened-in porch.  Useless in June, July, and August... yet worth their weight in gold during the other not-so-hot months.  I'm already planning on sleepy furniture!!
  • I'm good with late '70s to early '80s retro.
  • Would love an in-ground pool.  This is probably not ever happening because the husband doesn't like them.  A bitch can hope, right???  :P
If the flooring sucks -
We'll replace it (hardwoods, tile, whatever)
If the wall color blows -
We'll repaint it.  All in one long weekend, hopefully.
Landscaping - plenty o' companies.
Appliances I hate - changed out.  I'm missing having a Jenn-Aire stove.  NEEDED.

That's it for now.  My list probably looks like it belongs to a spoiled child, but I don't care.  I want this house to be "it" for us (at least 5 years).  

Under Pressure.